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Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services

The Spectra-Tech Advantage
Spectra-Tech provides a wide variety of electronic manufacturing services supporting the production of circuit board assemblies. Our high standards for quality, support and flexibility, not only exceed industry benchmarks, but our low overhead allows us to provide a competitive advantage.

Spectra-Tech has a highly specialized and dedicated workforce with technical expertise that is closely integrated with the production environment. We can adapt quickly to your requirements with a reliable printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing process that includes online work instructions, defect tracking, and shop-floor WIP tracking. Our ISO 9001-certified quality-control process includes supplier qualifications, inspections, failure analysis and prevention action plans.

High Speed Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Board Assembly
Spectra-Tech has 4 Fuji assembly lines – each capable of mounting up to 100,000 components per hour with placement accuracies of +/- 0.030 mm. Our fully-integrated process for placing components allows lead spacing down to .038mm and package sizes up to 74mm. We use the latest equipment for BGA (Ball Grid Array) and CSP (Chip Scale Package) device placement and verify all components to meet or exceed your specifications.

Mixed Technology, SMT and Through-Hole Board Assembly
Spectra-Tech offers mixed technology board assembly for both single and double-sided surface mount. Services are available from single prototypes to high-volume production. Both leaded and lead free (RoHS compliant) soldering is available.

Selective and Wave Soldering
Spectra-Tech offers a wide range of soldering process capabilities such as Selective Solder, Wave Solder, Mini Wave and Manual Soldering. Our selective soldering process provides flexibility and consistency in soldering through-hole and odd form components. It also increases both speed and quality of ancillary soldering operations for mixed technology printed circuit board assemblies.

X-ray Services
Spectra-Tech provides in-house X-ray inspection capabilities to verify placement accuracy and solder joint reliability for BGA’s, micro BGA’s, and various other high density components.

In-Circuit Testing (ICT) and Functional Testing
Spectra-Tech’s testing capabilities include full ICT, functional, or any customer specified test requirements. Spectra-Tech utilizes a SPEA 4030 Flying Probe Tester to provide full In-Circuit testing with increased flexibility for engineering changes and reduced setup costs. Functional or Custom Testing can be performed per customer specifications.

Other Value Added Services Provided by Spectra-Tech:

  • Design for Manufacturability Assessment (DFM)
  • Program Management
  • Quick-Turn Prototyping / Assembly
  • Material Procurement – Turn-key and Customer Supplied
  • Water Wash
  • Conformal Coating
  • Box Build
  • Component Tape and Reeling
  • Cable Assembly

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